Bagua n° 3

Health and Family

The bagua for health and family is located in the East or in the left side area of your apartment. It represents the element wood and the colors blue and green. Also associated with this direction are springtime, the rising sun, the morning, the lively green of plants and dragons, especially the azure dragon of the East. The East is regarded as the place for health, vitality and the family. In the Chinese view of the world health and well-being are connected much closer to the concept of family than it is for people in today’s Western world. The times of large, patriarchal families with an (over-)strong cohesion are long gone. 

Nevertheless both themes belong to this bagua zone – also in the western world the concept of family is connected with the idea of people, which take care of our mental and physical wellbeing. The third bagua is not restricted to the family of origin – it includes chosen families and relationships to teachers or superiors as well. All the imprinting influences of our society are located in this bagua zone. With this extended view the interaction between the two themes (family and health) make even more sense. This environment feed us (mentally and physically) – hopefully for a healthy and successful life. The element wood is the only one of the five elements with a life of its own, it stands for a healthy and vigorous growth.

Bagua n° 3 is associated with the trigram Zhen. Zhen translats with excitement or division and is related with the phenomenon of thunder – now wonder it sometimes crashes in the woodwork (and the famlies). Wood is a powerful, impetuous and up-rising element, sometimes also deterrent.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. As already noted, this quadrant is connected with the dragon and stands for energy, growth, health and vitality. Whatever plans you may have for this sector, start with care! Take the example of the wood, it grows slowly but strong and powerful. Even a large, sprawling tree started as a small, delicate seedling! 

Especially if you have a difficult relationship and conflicts to someone from your family, it is advisable to activate this area gently – step by step. Also in the case of severe health problems you should begin with basic and gentle changes. The sledgehammer method or even an ax doesn’t go well with the element wood – it grows best with continuous care.

To energize this bagua zone you should watch out for vivid, strong and natural energies. Plants work particularly well, yet pay attention for healthy and vigorous plants – avoid dried (dead) plants and ones with sharp leaves or thorns (their energy is much too aggressive and they spread the so-called Sha Qi). Artificial flowers and pictures of plants however work fine. In addition to shades of green and blue you can support the wood energy with some dark colors from the water element. Rectangular and elongated shapes harmonize with the wood element, as well as decorative elements and furniture made of wood and bamboo. This area is also a good place for photos of your family members (of course only if you connect them with really pleasant memories).

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