Bagua n° 2

Love and Relationships

The bagua for love and relationships is located in the southwest, or in the right rear area of your apartment. This quadrant is not related to romantic relationships alone, but to any kind of interpersonal contacts – regardless of your gender, current life situation or sexual orientation. Who is affectionate to his fellow human beings, acts accordingly to potential partners and will receive corresponding resonance. If you are looking for a life partner, or want to bring new, positive momentum in an existing relationship, then you should pay special attention to this area of your home. 

The bagua n° 2 belongs to the element earth, the late summer and to the afternoon. The trigram Kun ist related to this quadrant, a female, devoted and receiving energy.

In China, there exist many symbols for love and good partnerships. In the Western world we probably best know the pair of Mandarin ducks and the symbol for double happiness (Shuangxi) – other Chinese symbols however are strongly related to cultural tradition, making it difficult for us to relate. In particular if fruits, flowers and everyday objects are associated with human body parts or specific sexual practices. For this bagua illustration I therefore choose a Western symbol: a pair of swans. In addition to the Mandarin duck Chinese tradition uses also the goose as a symbol for marital happiness. Swans (Cygnini) and geese belong both to the family of ducks (Anatidae) – So it all runs in the family.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Make sure to create a bright, friendly and harmonious atmosphere and clear up! In the bad case a toilet or boxroom is located in this area of your apartment, you shouldn’t wonder about the lack of love or even difficult legacies. But even with such negative, spatial circumstances, you can boost up your luck! Activate the corresponding areas of the other rooms instead, especially the bedroom and the living room

Energizing this bagua zone you should watch out for a gentle, cuddly, fluffy and soft energy. Yellow, ochre and all natural shades form the color base of the earth element. In addition, you can use red, pink and soft pastels to decorate. Don’t overdo it – you don’t want to nip the new, tender shoot of love in the bud, do you? Proceed cautiously. Look for some love symbols you relate personally to decorate this area. Then wait some time and feel the change. You can still ad some more later on, if necessary.

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