Bagua n° 1

Career and Life Journey

The bagua for your career and life path is located in the North or in the entrance area and represents the water element, the winter and the night. Directly related with this quadrant are also the turtle and the black warrior of the North. Water is a feminine element (Yin), and extremely powerful. Its dynamism/energy is fluid and directed downward. When the water element unleashes its full potential of power, it can be even more destructive than fire. Channeled in the right, harmonious direction, however, water may bring a lot of luck and success in to your life. 

We usually need both, personal and professional success to feel happy with our life journey, therefore we should pay special attention to this quadrant. Don’t exaggerate the “stimulation” of water  – to much of a good thing can be destructive in this case. To boost the professional success impatiently could quickly result into stress and overload. The 1. Bagua is related to the trigram Kan , which stands for danger and abyss, and to the ever-changing moon. So be careful with this element! Water can easily overflow the banks.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Install one feng shui vehicle or symbol after the other and give it some time to unfold its impact before going on to the next stage. In China water is always associated with money and cash flow. Therefore it is in the nature of things, that people pay particular attention to this bagua zone. Who doesn’t want to have more money? Often enough even small things can make great impact. Placing a small turtle in the North area of your desk, may already activate your career.

Maybe you have a clear vision of your career and your future life? Here is the room to give this dream some space. Place a picture or an object, that symbolizes your professional vision, in this bagua zone and see what happens!

In the case the water energy is already to strong in your room, you may counteract and re-balance with earth elements - or in more severe cases, with wood elements.

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