Azure Dragon of the East

東方青龍 · [ dōngfāng qīnglóng ]

The azure dragon of the East is one of the five heavenly beasts, one of the fundamental symbols in the Taoist cosmology and the five elements. In German and other languages one often talks about the green dragon, in English about the azure dragon. Well – both interpretations are correct. The Chinese color Qīng refers to a whole range of colors from green, turquoise to blue. The symbolism of the azure dragon is equally “iridescent” and colorful.

The dragon is one of the most complex symbols in China and the most important symbol in feng shui. The oldest portrayals of dragons are about 5000 years old, 2000 years ago their importance grew significantly. Chinese dragons were considered to be divine beings, creating order out of the chaos. As one of the five celestial beasts the azure dragon of the East symbolizes the element wood, life, sunrise, spring and health. Like no other being he embodies strength, luck, fertility, vitality and power. At the same time the dragon stands for spirituality, wisdom and the energy of transformation. He represents the forces of the Yang – the positive, creative, masculine and virile principle.


> Usage of the symbol

The five celestial beasts are very powerful. As a representative of the East and the element wood the azure dragon is best placed in the East quadrant of your home. For more tips pleas look up the articles wood and East.

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