Angel (general)

מלאך · [ mal‘ach ]

The word angel comes from the Greek word ángelos, translated as messenger or ambassador. Angels are usually depicted as winged figures with halos. In almost all religions winged hybrid creatures belong to the sacred, the divine sphere. They are described as ethereal creatures, light beings and energy beings. Angels do not have a godlike status to have, they belong to the category of semi-deities associated with the Inter-mediation (Messengers) between the heavenly and the earthly sphere. 

Angels celebrated a veritable “come-back” in the last few years. More than half of the people in the Western world believe in the existence of a guardian angels, and more than 10 percent of the population state that they have personal experiences with an angel.


Heavenly Hosts 

Generally speaking, angels are a symbol for the human spirituality and our connection with God and the cosmic energy. Therefore, it seems not surprising, that today, in a time where a lot of people lost access to God, angels became more and more popular, being messengers between God and man.

Countless myths and religions talk about angels, not only in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions. Angels played a prominent role long before the Abrahamic religions in the Assyrian and Mesopotamian culture and also in the myths of Babylon and the scriptures of Zoroastrianism.

Traditionally, the term angel refers to a messenger of a single God in a monotheistic belief. Nowadays we tend to expand the definition and use the word also for messenger figures from polytheistic religions, such as for example, the Indian devas. Not that wrong, since they, too, are messengers, can convey the heavenly, do communicate and are helping people

There are many different manifestations of angels. In some religions this heavenly hosts are divided into different, hierarchic levels. There are: archangel, cherubs, spirits, seraphs, Bodhisattvas, genii, etc., etc. 

All of these varieties have one thing in common: they live in heaven, rush through dreams and visions, talk about the divine reality, intervene in earthly fortunes, mediate between heaven and earth and they protect us from harm. The symbolism of angels therefore concentrates on protecting human life’s path, bringing us closer to the love and helping us to develop inner growth.


> Usage of the symbol

If you have a special relationship to a particular angel of your belief, lookout for a picture or a figure of this angel and place it significantly in your apartment. A meditation corner, an altar or the bedroom are particularly suit very well. According Feng-Shui, the best place for your angel is the bagua n° 6 for helpful friends and travel. This quadrant is located in the North-West or in the front, right area of your apartment.

If you want to profit from the illuminating and protective force of an angel generally, not knowing or favoring a specific one, just listen to your Intuition. Which angel do you like? By which one do you feel inspired or touched? Browse in the Internet and in specialized shops. You will find the right angel – or he will find you!

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